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Hi, I'm Anita Hale. I am dedicated to helping you prosper!

Anita Hale's Bio:

Anita Hale is the daughter of an Educator and a Real Estate Investor. She has extensive knowledge and experience in the real estate and marketing industry. Anita currently manages a non-sales transaction real estate firm that specializing in real estate appraisals, agent and landlord/investor services such as Rental Marketing,Tenant Screening/Placement and Property Management 


For more information about the services Anita Hale and her team provides please visit:

You may also reach us directly at: 678.755.9019


Let Anita Hale and her team "Help you prosper in Real Estate!"



Anita Hale's Experience:

Anita Hale's Interests & Activities:

Marketing, Real Estate Industry, Real Estate Appraisals, Helping others Prosper

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